Sunday, March 11, 2012

Florida Trip

While I'm at it (updating my blog), I figure I should share some photos from my recent trip to Orlando to visit my dad and little brother (not so little anymore)! I had a wonderful time just enjoying NOT having to wear a coat, meeting Colin's girlfriend Genna, and hangin' with my dad :) ...and watching the geckos play in the backyard!

Afternoon at the Florida seashore...

The boys

Me and Genna- such a sweetie!

Pop and Reina in the kitchen- gettin' ready to grill!

Yep! Looks Good

Just thought I'd share a pic of my chimney project; took this when I got home from work. VERY happy with the remodel!

Another new addition to the living room... my first TV! Really- I have never owned a tv before :) Don't watch much of anything besides Travel Channel and Food Network, but it's great for movies during the dark chilly nights!