Friday, October 7, 2016

Birthday Fun!

This year I was fortunate enough to be off work for my birthday- and Vince (being the awesome husband that he is!) organized a fun get-together with some friends to celebrate. No one has EVER done this for me since I was a kid, so his efforts were the best present I could ever ask for.

So... what did we do? Vince bought us tickets to a Fall Music Festival that was held outside Taproot (a fun music venue in town). Alaskan musicians were featured, and there were several local food trucks on site. We bundled up and set off to meet our good friends Mike & Angie :)

Blackwater Railroad

Our little group had fun catching up and enjoying the scene, but we took a break to warm up (it was cold and rainy) and grab some off-site eats...

Spice is always welcome in my book, so I opted for Serranos' 

Tortilla soup, chips & guac, and spicy salsas were just what the doctor ordered 

From there, we headed over to Black Cup to re-energize before heading back to the festival in the elements. The weather was definitely not ideal, but we still had a blast; it is one of my all-time favorite birthdays to reflect on :)

The music fest was technically a few days before my actual birthday, so Vince had a few more surprises in store...

We finally made it to a bakery I'd been wanting to try for years :D

One of many tempting displays...

If I didn't already have a target in mind (the cinnamon rolls), choosing a treat could have taken awhile! We enjoyed chatting with the owner, picked out our goodies, and headed home to enjoy our breakfast in our pj's back at home ;)

I opted for the "traditional" cinnamon roll...Don't laugh too hard at the tape measure; it's part of my side project to find the best one in Anchorage hehe. I take food comparisons seriously!! Prior to my birthday, we had sampled rolls from 2 other bakeries in town, but I've yet to have my mind blown. This one, however, was pretty amazing :)

Vince opted for the almond cinnamon roll (which was surprisingly good!)

With our cinnamon rolls devoured, we enjoyed a leisurely morning reading the news, catching up with family & friends, AND opening some presents :)

Awwww! Balloons are so cute!

We eventually suited up for the gym, ran some errands, and did a few chores before it was time for dinner... I decided my ideal birthday dinner this year would be to stay at home and enjoy some crab with my honey. Pro tip: buy from Costco!

Our "crab feast" was the perfect ending to a pretty fantastic day :)