Sunday, September 30, 2012

NYC Highlights!

Greetings All! I had a great birthday this year and decided I would celebrate by going somewhere I have never been... NYC! Here are some of the highlights of my trip!

A Naked Cowboy in Times Square haha!

Times Square

Times Square

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Wall Street Bull (on the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street... should have seen the cops and protesters!!)

The new World Trade Center Buildings

Rockefeller Center

Central Park

Central Park

The memorial for John Lennon in Central Park

The Lincoln Center area

Lincoln Center Fountains (remember "Friends"?)

Broadway- so much to see!

The Empire State Building

The Subway... my first experience with a subway system!

Little Italy during the Feast of San Gennaro

St. Patrick's Cathedral (so beautiful)

A boat trip to see the Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty herself

The Hard Rock Cafe NYC

The Museum of Natural History

The Brooklyn Brewery (hey- I like good beer!)

Coney Island

Catching some rays at Coney

Yankees game!

...P.S. they won!!!

Stay tuned- more posts will follow!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New wheels!

Yay! My summer-long wait is finally over and I got my brand-new car! This is the first brand-spanking-new ride, so I am pretty stoked :) It is a 2013 Mazda CX-5, and it's fully-loaded- woohoo!

Yep- I am loving it! Great gas mileage and great ride :) Definitely worth the wait!

Fair Time

Well fall usually means fair time in the good ol' US of A, and Alaska is no different! This time home, a friend and I battled the odds (a flat tire on the highway and horrific traffic) and made it out to Palmer for the Alaska State Fair. Here are some of our pics...

The view of Pioneer Peak on our way to the fair

Our first stop was the historic Sluice Box- hey, beer sounded good after
getting a flat tire, waiting for a tow truck and a new tire, waiting in traffic,
and waiting in line to get into the fair!!

A little liquid refreshment...

Kari & Bill from Nashville, TN- great music!

With our thirsts quenched, it was time to move on to the food...mmm... turkey legs!

Shane decided he wanted to try his hand at some games- and did pretty darn good!!

Curiosity got the best of me and I just had to try the mechanical bull... It is
WAY harder than it looks lol!! I definitely have a whole new level of respect
for bullriders! At least I stayed on longer than the other girls... :)

Our fair-games itch satisfied, it seemed like a good time to check out some of
the valley's famous monster veggies; check out this 13 pound zucchini!

More monsters...

That's one big rooster (wording is key in this caption...)!

I think "Arnold" would have been a great name for this 16 pound whopper!

Sigh... And here's where we got to the babies; poor Shane had to listen to me squeal
like a little girl about all the cute animal babies (hehe), but he was a great sport ;)

SO cute!!

Last two stops were Hawaiian shaved-ice and hand-dipped ice cream bars. Our sweet
tooths were happy, and it was time to go home. A great end to a fun (adventurous) trip.