Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Biking in AK

Well... after I got back from all my traveling, I knew I had better get outside and enjoy the scenery before it snows in Anchorage! It will probably be snowy out when I get home from my time at work this month. I am not sure if I am ready or not... In any case, I was lucky enough to get a sunny day before I left for work, so I aired-up my tires and set out on the Coastal Trail. Here's the evidence ;)

The first of SIX moose I saw that day

I stopped to watch the female, and pretty soon this guy started coming towards us!

Then, another female and a baby walked across the trail

This was about as close as I was comfortable with getting to this bruiser-
without a gun hehe... Glad I got outside; very cool day

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mmmm- Chicago Food

Two days here was such a tease- especially when it came to the food! There are sooo many good places to eat, but here are the places I managed to scope out:

Ina's for breakfast... you get coffee and fresh bread as you wait

Ina's Heavenly Hots- oh man, sour cream pancakes ARE heavenly!!

Cheese blintzes with apple compote- Ina's of course!

Inside Rick Bayless' Fronterra Grill

The ceviche trio

Cute breakfast place with a sunny atmosphere

Haha- read the back of the employee's shirt...

Perfect poached egg and an English Muffin- yum

The dining room at Coco Pazzo

I had the Pasta Special; hands-down the best pasta I have ever had :)

Blues Club

My little trip to Chicago wouldn't have been complete without a stop at a blues club. This little gem was right around the corner from where I stayed, and it far surpassed my expectations. So fun!

Blue Chicago :)

It was packed!

The master working the audience...

Charming the ladies...

Introducing the next performers and making the crowd laugh :p

Chicago Boat Tour

I met a few people who recommended that I take one of Chicago's Architectural boat tours, and I am glad I did. Not only did I get to see and learn about some of the city's famous buildings, but I also got a ride on Lake Michican, some great pics, and a tan...

The Field Museum

This museum was a "must" for my short time in Chicago; I have wanted to go here since I read about the lions of Tsavo back in high school... Definitely worth the time. Excellent displays and good information!

Museum Entrance
Sue- the most complete T-Rex

Sue close-up... Her head alone weighs 600 pounds!

"The Afterlife" exhibit- ancient Egyptians' beliefs regarding life after death

This exhibit depicts life as it has evolved throughout the years


Dinosaurs from different periods...

Early fish species


An Irish Deer- the largest deer that ever existed on Earth


Early hominids

Early humans

Crater caused by a giant meteor- this is in the U.S.!

Meteor info

Artifacts from the East
Artifacts from the East

Artifacts from the East

Aftrican Mammals

African Mammals

African Mammals

The lions of Tsavo!!

One of the highlights of my trip for sure :)