Monday, March 4, 2013

Iditarod 2013

Sunday, March 2nd was finally the day! The official start of the "Last Great Race." Downtown Anchorage was buzzing with excitement; it was very cool to be a part of the enthusiasm!

The starting line

Spectators crammed throughout a nearby parking garage

Crowds lining 4th Avenue

Teams making their final preparations

Martin Buser's ride (he is in the lead so far this year!)

More mushers

One of many sleds

Heading to the starting line...

Are you ready?

Photographers waiting for the perfect shot...

...and they're off!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fur Rhondy 2013

Finally made it to Fur Rhondy this year (which, to those of you who are not Alaskan, is the time surrounding the start of the Iditarod where Alaskans have all sorts of events and do crazy stuff!). Figured I should check it out if I want to consider myself a true Alaskan... Fur Rhondy happens in Anchorage, so I never went to it growing up, but now that I live in Anchorage, I decided to go :)

This is the starting line for the dog races prior to the Iditarod

Dogs getting ready to go...

Getting pumped...

And off they go!

Some of the snow sculptures from the snow carving competition near Ship Creek
Loved this moose!

This one looks AK Native Arts inspired

A sea otter

And a killer whale with a penguin on its head hehe

A more serious one

...and a more fantastical one

And apparently we have Star Wars fans lol!

These were all the things I saw the first weekend of Fur Rhondy. The second weekend, however, was even more crazy with more events and, most notably, the Running Of The Reindeer. Glad I checked that out for sure! It is a fundraiser for Toys For Tots where race entrants pay $25 to run down 4th Avenue and be chased by reindeer. The kicker is that all entrants wear weird costumes. Pretty funny stuff, and it is for a good cause!

People getting psyched up to run...

Whoa- and some guy from Arkansas in a diaper... interesting

The inevitable antlers

And more costumes... I think I see bacon in there!

The starting lineup

The "angry" reindeer getting ready to go

And hilarity ensues! Good times were had by all; 
especially the runners that pre-gamed at the bars downtown ;)