Tuesday, April 12, 2016

First Anniversary

WOW. Where did the year go!!! I suppose time flies when you're happy and having fun. Vince and I were originally planning a trip to St. Lucia for our anniversary, but we ended up cancelling our trip once the news about the Zika virus started rolling in... scary stuff! That said, we got creative and made the best of our special day up in Alaska :)

I got a nice surprise - some Hawaiian flowers!

They added a lovely pop of color to our dining room table

After much debating on what to make for our anniversary dinner at home, I decided to make a Hawaiian-inspired meal with some of our favorites from our wedding reception last year

A Thai-inspired cabbage slaw

Coconut shrimp- was a little nervous...

...but they turned out great!

Vince helped me make teriyaki caribou skewers- it was a great combo

And for us chocoholics: French Silk pie for dessert- yum

Vince and I had a busy week ahead (we were getting all the doors and trim in our condo replaced and doing a number of other house projects), but we had plans to continue our celebration the following weekend at Alyeska Resort. It was a bit of a push, but we got things wrapped up just in time on Friday evening to head out, freshen up, and make our dinner reservation on time!

One of the best parts about dinner at Alyeska's 7 Glaciers
is the chairlift ride to the top of the mountain

All aboard!

The view from halfway....

...and the view from the top!

The scallop bisque was my favorite part of our meal

We had a concert to check out after dinner, so coffee with dessert was in order!

We changed clothes back at our room and headed to the Sitzmark

Cool interior!

The Young Dubliners were playing- good times :)

We were up past our usual bedtime (lol), but it was worth it

The next morning, we decided to spend some time in Girdwood
(the nearest town) before heading home. First stop: The Bake Shop

Mmmm. Coffee and morning buns :)

From there, we walked next door to scope out the Art Gallery

There was an impressive variety of local art, but this picture was my favorite

Girdwood is pretty small and the weather was alternating between rain and snow, so it was time to head home...

...However, some friends of ours told us to check this place
out first; it was interesting for sure (haha!) We spent some time
talking to the owner, picked out a little souvenir, and hit the road ;)

We made one last stop to watch the mountain goats. I have to say that
Alaska is pretty cool. It was a fun weekend and we're looking forward to many more :)