Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kauai- Day 3

Refreshed from a good night's sleep, Vince and I woke up the next day eager to explore the Kalalau Beach area. We enjoyed our camp breakfast of biscuits and gravy (thank you Mountain House) by the beach, drank our coffee to the sound of the waves on the beach, and headed out for an a.m. stroll.

We found the coolest spot at the end of the beach :D

Me in the corner (for scale!)

Vince enjoying the view :)

We spent the morning checking out the beach, getting fresh water, and hoping for some sunshine, but the clouds were not going to give up, so we went back to the tent to relax. It was nice being "unplugged!"

Wild goats showed up to check out the scene that afternoon- too cool!

We got up and walked the beach later on, but the weather wasn't the greatest, so it was a fairly uneventful day. That said, we were grateful for the tranquility and the time together, so we made the best of it and hoped we'd be as lucky with the weather going out as we had been hiking in...

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