Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kauai- Days 5 & 6

Vince and I spent most of our 5th day in Kauai at Shipwreck Beach, doing a little shopping, and checking out the area by our B&B. It was nice to have a day with no agenda! That said, we were rested and raring to go again the next morning. We got up bright and early, had a light breakfast at our B&B, and headed to Steelgrass Farm for a chocolate farm tour & tasting :D

Our lovely guide Andrea introducing herself

The first stop on the farm tour was all about their local fruit

It was great learning about (and trying) so many new things!

After a beautiful walk around the property, we came to the cocoa trees

The inside of a cocoa pod- crazy!!

The last portion of the tour was a chocolate tasting. It was hard, but we managed.... :p It was fascinating to learn about the different flavor profiles that can be discovered in trees from different regions!

Buzzing on antioxidants, we thanked our hosts and headed off to see more of the north side of the island...

Our first stop was the Kilauea Lighthouse

The second stop? Lunch! We discovered a food truck park
that couldn't be missed ;)

It took us awhile, but we eventually decided on a truck

I got the Tinfoil Special (mahi mahi, scallops, shrimp,
octopus, & veggies in Siracha aioli)- it was amazingly good!

Vince got the Kauai garlic shrimp- also a winning choice :)

I definitely needed a walk after lunch, so we headed to Hanalei Bay

I found someone's fort :)

The bay was absolutely stunning

We eventually made our way from the beach to see more of the
sights- including this gorgeous view of the taro fields from the highway

Our next stop was the bar at St. Regis for a champagne toast at sunset


We capped off the evening at a cozy tapas place. What a day :)

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